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We offer an amazing range of spy equipments including:. Spy cell phones that can intercept telephone conversations or catch the environmental sounds, spy phones able to intercept incoming and outgoing sms, professional telephone audio transmitters, secret listening devices or rather bugs that are so small they can be hidden in jewellery, clothes, etc.

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An excellent device for under coverage and spying tasks Receives signal by an inductive coil located at cm from the ear. SV-CAM digital recorder is a shooting video system, suitable for professional use and extreme sports.

Convert your iPhone or Android phone into a spy camera

Due to its ultra-strong and indestructible CCD camera, it is able to work in any conditions Its digital is capable to perform several hours of audio-video recordings, interfaceable with an external screen or PC for settings and viewing. Chat with us on Skype. CIA: is looking for technical personnel A spy phone can even save your marriage! A micro audio transmitter bug can help you make sure that your trust is well placed Bugging detection technology Bugging technology trend World Intelligence and Security Agencies.

Most clicked products Spy cell phone, bugging device, digital micro recorder, shotgun microphone, voice changers, spy cameras, photo cameras, countermeasure, scramblers, jammers, micro earpieces, spy equipments. Those are good ideas and you can find more in the link below, but one of the most useful ways to upcycle an old phone is to make it into a home security camera.

Further reading : Find new uses for that old Android phone or iPhone. To begin, you will need to choose a security-camera app for your phone.

Spy Cameras

Most apps offer many of the same features, such as local streaming, cloud streaming, recording and storing footage locally or remotely, and motion detection and alerts. Once you're set up, you will be able to monitor your living space and control your security camera from anywhere, straight from your new phone. One of the best options for setting up your phone as a security camera is Alfred. It's cross-platform, so it doesn't matter if your old phone was an Android phone or iPhone.

Hidden Cameras Are a Real Danger

And the same goes for your new phone. Alfred is free to use and gives you a remote view of your live feed, motion detection with alerts, free cloud storage, a two-way audio feed and use of both the front and rear cameras.

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To unlock additional features, like higher-resolution viewing and recording, zoom capabilities, ad removal and day cloud storage, you can upgrade to Alfred Premium. Once both phones are signed in to Alfred, you're pretty much done with the setup. Alfred has simplified the camera options to only include a few settings.

Step 1: Step 1: Supplies and Necessary Apps

With a handheld Looking for the best nanny cam for the iPhone? The Bluetooth Speaker WiFi hidden camera matches the description. Equipped with a set list of features such as HD resolution, motion Nothing outperforms the WiFi Clock Radio Hidden Camera because no other camera combines a full range features and quality in one device. By design, our clock radio hidden camera remains Our hidden camera clock has that timeless, classy style but comes packed with all the features of a modern WiFi hidden camera system.

Featuring a built-in WiFi system, HD resolution and The built-in WiFi systems streams HD video to any mobile device. Simply plug-in the power, When you need Unlike many other outdoor wireless Once setup is complete you can view, record, and review remotely from any internet connected computer. Protect any room from your home to the office using our hidden smoke detector camera.

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Our hidden smoke detector camera has a bottom mounted camera that is perfectly suited for capturing Protect your home or office like the ever observant fly on the wall using our hidden smoke detector camera. Our hidden smoke detector camera is side mounted making it perfectly suited for Using your existing WiFi network you will be able to record hidden video using your PC on site or a computer off site.